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How it works

Build your idea

Turn your ideas into business models using Dreamshaper's tools and exercises. Follow them at your own pace and use our video tutors to cover any knowledge gaps.

Test your business model

Use Dreamshaper's testing tools to check if your business model is ready for action before launch. You'll save money, reduce risk and increase your chances for success!

Make it happen

Launch your venture without opening Excel or Powerpoint - whether pitching to investors, applying for bank financing or opening for business, Dreamshaper will be there for you.

About us


Our mission is to empower anyone who's ever wanted to launch their own company. We believe that anyone, regardless of previous experience or academic background, can have an idea, develop and launch it given appropriate training and tools, and we provide both.

Value proposition

We aim to bring you the best possible online learning experience coupled with state of the art business modelling tools. The Dreamshaper platform will allow you to take your own ideas through a guided process designed to help you develop them into viable business models - teaching you what you need to learn when you need it.


Dreamshaper was born out of the work of Acredita Portugal, a Portuguese non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. After building one of the largest entrepreneurship competitions in the world and training over 20,000 people in 3 years, we spun off its online platform into Dreamshaper, which we're now bringing to the global market.